Monday, January 21, 2008

I Heart Terroni

Courtesy of DailyCandy

I'm going to keep this brief because a) I didn't have my camera, so I have no images to share and b) I can't find a menu online so I'm pulling from the gut. However, I don't have to waste any time on fancy words or verbose beggings to visit this authentic Southern Italian haunt. That is because the food at Terroni speaks for itself.

Over 30 thin crust pizzas (which you have to cut yourself, because, dammit, it tastes better that way) and every kind of homemade pasta you can think of. Pappardelle that melts like butter, and bites of pizza with salty pancetta and sweet pears - oh man, I think I need to sit down.

I my opinion, this place far beats out Pizzeria Mozza, from the Eames inspired booth seating to the Italian documentary projected on the wall. This place screams "cool" but doesn't sacrifice one bit in the taste department. And, they know it too. With a motto like: "No reservations, No substitutions, No modifications," they know they have a good thing going and 'aint no one going to tell them any different.

Go. Go now. Go hungry.

7605 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, 90036
(323) 954-0300


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My best friend lives right next to this place, it is a joy indeed!